2 Sides of Aiki Seminar, Madrid 2017 — Roy Goldberg and Dan Harden

Ancient Traditions * Modern Combatives

Roy Goldberg Sensei will be returning to Madrid for a solo seminar on June 1-3, 2018

In the September, 2017 joint seminar hosted in Madrid by the Spanish Sangenkai group, Goldberg Sensei and Dan Harden explored expressions of aiki from the perspective of kata and free flowing combative techniques. 

Goldberg Sensei's thoughts after the seminar:

"I am on the plane returning from Madrid after this weekend's Seminar. The experience meeting everyone was unbelievable. As in Zen one cannot explain my Seminar or stay in Madrid, words do not give it the meaning it had. The students at the Seminar were all hard Shugyo people with great hearts. I judge the heart of the student as the most important thing in training. It was fabulous to see people train so hard.
It is not that they made me feel like family, but that I was family. And I know I will continue to feel like this, time and distance won't change that. I do not take this lightly it has been cut into my essence and will remain a part of my soul. Thank you so much for allowing me to take this experience home with me.
Keep practicing what we worked on, and I'll be back before you know it."

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"F**king amazing seminar with Roy Goldberg and Dan Harden in Madrid."

"One of the bests (if not the best) presents in my life!"

"Seminario con Dan Harden y Roy Goldberg, dos monstruos del trabajo y la potencia interna. En el caso de Roy, un tesoro del Dayto Ryu."
[The Seminar with Dan Harden and Roy Goldberg, two monsters of work and internal power. In the case of Roy, a treasure of Daito Ryu.]

"Estudiando Aiki en Madrid con dos auténticos monstruos; un lujo de fin de semana."
[Studying Aiki in Madrid with two real monsters; a weekend luxury.]

Dan Harden — "I love Spain. They are my kind of people. Deadly serious about their training. Funny as can be too train...with. Serious workers, while having fun. You just can't beat that."


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From Goldberg Sensei — 

At the recent Madrid Seminar with Dan Harden and I, we had people from all sorts of backgrounds: MMA, Aikido, Daito Ryu, Wing Chun, BJJ, Tai Chi and Koryu. Everybody in all arts that attended our seminar saw what is so obvious. Dan and I showed the identical movements of Daito Ryu, just from different perspectives. I use traditional technique to build softness and aiki. Dan comes at it from combative effectiveness. Some refer to what Dan does as "Dan's Stuff," but that cheapens the work he has done with Daito Ryu. Through his study of martial arts history and years of hard training he is able to draw connections between what the Indians did and the Chinese did and what some Daito Ryu people like Takeda, Sagawa, Kodo and Ueshiba all did, but which has been lost and is rarely seen in Daito Ryu today. He takes the same softness and approach that I do, but applies it at a combative speed in a way that no one else does and which is absolutely devastating. This has nothing to do with his size or strength, but is true Aiki. His Shugyo is nonstop. He exhibits a genius in restoring this lost Aiki combativeness to Daito Ryu, completing this beautiful art.

And for all of that, even though he hates it when I say it, I must say thanks Harden Sensei.