Hayawo Kiyama Shihan is the President and Chief Instructor of North American Daito Ryu Aiki Jujutsu Kodo Kai (NADRAKK).

Kiyama Shihan started martial arts when he was 7 years old in Kummamoto, Japan. He studied Judo and Sumo and eventually Takenouchi Ryu Jujutsu. At the time that Daito Ryu was introduced to the United States, by Katsumi Yonezawa, Kiyama Sensei started his journey with Daito Ryu Kodo Kai. He has also trained with Yukiyoshi Sagawa Sensei at his hombu dojo.

In 1980 Kiyama became the Chief Instructor and President of the North American Daito Ryu Kodo Kai organization and in 2000 was presented with his Shihan certification by the Kodo Kai Menkyo Kaiden Yusuke Inoue.

Kiyama Shihan's profound influence on Daito Ryu Kodo Kai as a living art throughout the world can not be overstated.

He continues to train and teaches his senior student Roy Goldberg Sensei and a small group of students in California. 

Kiyama Shihan and son Danny Kiyama Sensei

Kiyama Shihan and son Danny Kiyama Sensei

To learn more about Daito Ryu and Kiyama Shihan watch this short documentary, Torchbearers: The Legacy of Kiyama Shihan.